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How to Use this Calculator

I get asked with some frequency how exactly one can measure the dose of the final edible product. So I thought I would put together a handy calculator to help you figure it out without having to do a lot of complicated math. 

For this calculator, you will need to know:

  • the percentage of THC in your flower
  • the total weight in grams of flower that you plan to use
  • the volume of the fat you plan to use, in cups (if you're using less than a whole cup use .5 rather than 1/2)

The resulting numbers will give you the total THC in milligrams for the full volume of fat, and the dosage per tablespoon and teaspoon. If you're mixing the full volume into another recipe that won't be dosed by tea- or tablespoon, you'll want to divide the total mg by the number of servings you're making.

For example, you might make 3 dozen cookies. To get the mg/cookie, you'll want to divide the first result, listed as Total, by 36. 

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