#LunchWithLo Episode 7: Roasted Potatoes with Infused Olive Oil

May 24, 2019

I love potatoes as a side dish. To the point that we eat some version of this dish 3 or 4 times a week. This week, I…

#LunchWithLo Episode Notes

May 24, 2019

I love potatoes as a side dish. To the point that we eat some version of this dish 3 or 4 times a week. This week, I decided to infuse some olive oil with THC to kick my dinners up a notch and roast my potatoes with that, instead of just plain old olive oil. Guess what, it tasted just about the same as my non-infused version and it's super easy to do. 

I don't measure anything and I suggest you do the same. For this recipe I just used one small bag of baby potatoes (the colorful kind), and seasoned with salt, black…

May 17, 2019

This week's episode is a quickie all about turning those box mixes at the grocery store into edibles. I love cooking but not everyone has the time, or energy to bake from scratch. No judgements here. Being able to cook at home all the time like I do is a privilege that I haven't always been able to enjoy due to time. 

Plus, there's no reason to make life harder if you don't need to and these box brownies are perfect when you need a sweet infused treat. Just watch your dosing if you're going to eat all of it. 

Watch the…

May 9, 2019

You guys, I am so excited about this week's episode of Lunch With Lo. I'm finally bringing you a full, delicious, stand alone salad that's actually perfect for lunch and the warming weather. 

I know it's a salad but it is decidedly not vegan or vegetarian friendly because I used the infused bacon fat from episode 3, however, you can easily replace the bacon fat infusion with vegetable oil in your dressing (I'm going to recommend olive oil, but it's your choice). 

I actually eat some version of this salad most days for…

April 22, 2019

If you've ever ended up with a small amount of leftover infused butter, you may have struggled to find a good use for it. Have no fear, friends, because I've got a tasty, quick recipe for you to use it all up: candied nuts.

Just melt together an equal part of butter and brown sugar (1 to 2 tablespoons of each per cup of nuts) into a smooth syrup and then toss with a cup of your favorite nuts and lay them out to cool on some parchment paper.

Candied nuts make a great snack on their own, but I also love using them on top…

April 12, 2019

This week’s episode of #lunchwithlo is a super easy method for infusing butter, fat, and oil with cannabis. I used bacon fat, but you can replace that with any fat or oil that you prefer (as I mentioned several times in this episode, lol). I like using bacon fat because I hate to dispose of it and it makes for a tasty salad dressing base. Also, it’s great to grease a cookie sheet for chocolate chip cookie.

This episode was also the first one I ever recorded so I learned a lot about what to say and not to say in each…

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