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This blog is the online home of Lo. Lo is a cannabis micro influencer dedicated to defying the stigma. She wants to change the narrative on what it means to be a cannabis user. She is a fitness enthusiast, reader, comedy fan and content creator. Cannabis helped her lose over 45 pounds in 2017. And she wants everyone to know it (wouldn't you?).

JustHighLo.com boasts a small but engaged following on Instagram and Facebook. Branded Pinterest and Twitter accounts continue to grow as well. Her holiday Stoner Gift Guide Series was a hit and continues to drive traffic from Pinterest. Lo has plans to expand and diversify the blog's content to a podcast and YouTube channel later in 2019.

Lo's audience resides in the United States, but, there's a growing following in Canada. The audience is millennial womxn who are in a pivotal stage in their life: ready to make a big change. Their common thread is a desire to incorporate cannabis in their life. Those are the people who find a home at JustHighLo.com.

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