Infusions 101

Let's get down to the basics of cannabis infusions

So you want to make some cannabutter? This is the place to start. From decarboxylation to infusing in an Instant Pot.

What's the best way to decarb?

3 Decarb Methods

One "winner". Do you have a preferred decarb method?
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8 essential tools for making edibles at home

Wonder what tools you need to make your own infusions?

It's probably less than you think.
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How to make cannabutter in an Instapot

One more use for that all-in-one appliance

This is a great way to quickly infuse oils and butters.
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6 tip for reducing cannabis flavor in edibles

Too green for you?

If you don't like the flavor of cannabis in your food, this is for you.
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How to choose vegan butter for infusions

Everything you need to know about choosing plant based butter

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How to make cannabutter without a strainer or cheesecloth

No strainer?

You don't actually need cheesecloth or a strainer to make cannabutter (but your results may vary).
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Level up your skills

Once you’ve figured out the perfect oil or butter infusion, it’s time to talk tinctures, sugar, and labeling. And for even more recipes, head here.

How to make tinctures two ways

There are a lot of ways to make tinctures

Here are two (be safe though!)
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How to make canna sugar

Cannasugar is a pot pantry stapel

Check out the first panel on this page to learn about my super quick tincture method.
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2 hour infusions vs 6 hour infusions

Which is more potent?

The answer is surprising!
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How to make cannabis-infused peanut butter

Peanut butter is very easy to make

Just add infused oil and impress everyone (but make sure to label it).
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What information should I include on edible labels

All the details for edible labels

There are a couple of essentials but there's always the opportunity to be extra,
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Pros and cons of using a home potency testing device

Is there a benefit to using a tCheck?

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Learn with Lo

Want to take a deeper dive into making edibles or learn what products are worth spending the money on in your canna-kitchen? Learn more below.

Infusions 101

New to edibles and infusions?

Do you love edibles and want to start infusing food on your own at home? This is the place to start. These introductory infusion articles will take you through your first batch of cannabis-infused butter and oils.

Level Up Your Skills

Desserts, dinners & more

Once you’ve got a handle on the basics, it’s time to level up your game. Here you’ll find all of my best cannabis-infused recipes. From mocktails to peanut butter, you’ll find something new to infuse or find inspiration for your own unique infused recipes.

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