March 29, 2019

#LunchWithLo Episode 1: Lavender Gin & Tonic with DRAM CBD


I'm so excited to officially launch my cannabis focused cooking channel: Lunch With Lo. This has been a year in the making. And really, maybe even my entire lifetime in the making. 

The first episode is a super simple sleepy time cocktail packed with some CBD, lavender simple syrup, and the only good gin out there, Hendrick's. This little glass packs a punch and is sure to get you ready for bed. 

You can watch now at The Weed Tube.

New episodes of Lunch With Lo will arrive, completely uncensored, every Friday by 4:20pm MST on The Weed Tube. Censored* episodes can be found on my YouTube Channel and on IGTV. Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, and share to help get the word out.

*By censored, I mean I block out all images of cannabis and smoking because the social media gods don't like it apparently. I'm not going to build up a community just to have Google/Youtube or Instagram delete it. There will be enough in there for you to put two and two together, but the full uncensored videos will only be on The Weed Tube. 

Lunch with Lo on The Weed Tube

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