#LunchWithLo Episode 10: Kief Infused Honey

July 5, 2019

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At the suggestion of Peter/@ChronicKryoatics, I am sharing my version of Honest Marijuana Co's Cannabis Infused Honey recipe. The main difference between my version and theirs is that I am using, you guessed it, kief rather than whole flower. 

For this infusion, I decarbed 2 grams of kief in an oven for about 30 minutes at 240 degrees Fahrenheit. I put the kief in a cheese cloth sack, placed that in a jar that seals air tight, and topped it with a half cup of local honey. I screwed the lid on but not too tight, then placed that inside of a crockpot with enough water to cover the honey in the jar. You don't want the jar to float around in there. 

Set your crockpot on low (the 8 hour or 10 hour setting) and let the heat and THC do it's thing. I recommend leaving your honey for at least 3 hours, but letting it run the full cycle of the crockpot wouldn't hurt it either. 

Once time is up, just pull out the cheesecloth bag, squeeze out the excess then use the bag in your next cup of tea. 

A note on dosage: 

If you make this recipe as written above (2 grams of kief, and a 1/2 cup of honey), you'll end up with roughly 40mg of THC per teaspoon. If you're new to using edibles, and want to try this recipe, you should either cut the amount of kief down to 1/2 gram OR bump it up to 2 cups of honey. I recommend the latter in this case because honey doesn't really go bad, and it's sometimes easier to work with larger amounts. If you use tablespoons instead of teaspoons, go with 3 cups of honey and 1 gram of kief. 

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