50 More Affirmations for Stoners

It has been a few years since my first version of 50 Positive Affirmations for Stoners in the New Year and I thought it was a good time to bring you 50 more. I did not go back and reread the original set so there may be duplicates. But I don’t want to find out how unclever I actually am. Feel free not to remind me. 

So here are 50 NEW Affirmations for Cannabis Users for 2023:

  1. I chose to be high whenever I need in 2023.
  2. My relationship with cannabis is only positive.
  3. I will find the perfect strain for me this year. 
  4. I only share my kindest buds with my kindest buds, and vice versa. 
  5. My high is contagious. 
  6. Intentionally using cannabis reveals the road to my best life.
  7. I am changing my relationship with cannabis for the better this year. 
  8. My high is productive when I want. My high is relaxing when I need. 
  9. Cannabis helps me achieve my goals. 
  10. Cannabis enhances my commitment to my community, friends and family. 
  11. I am a magnet for good vibes and great weed. 
  12. It’s called CANnabis not CANTabis.
  13. I won’t share blunts with people who won’t share roaches with me. 
  14. My cannabis use doesn’t define me. How high I am does. 
  15. I love everyone at every sesh. Some I love when they enter; some I love when they leave.
  16.  My joints never run. My bong is always clean. My bowls are overflowing with fresh greens.
  17. Every joint I roll is perfect. 
  18. I only use cannabis to make me better. 
  19. I’m in control of how I use cannabis. I stand up to social pressure to over consume. 
  20. Cannabis helps my body stay healthy and I am grateful. 
  21. My potential to get high is limitless. 
  22. I listen to what my body is saying. I let it guide me as I intentionally use this plant. 
  23. My pleasure does not require weed. But it helps. 
  24. I am in charge of how I nourish my body with cannabis.
  25. Full bowls. Clean bongs. Can’t lose. 
  26. I am my best self. Cannabis just enhances it. 
  27. I love that I love weed as much as I love weed. 
  28. I am grateful for all the cannabis I have and all that is to come. 
  29. I nurture myself like I’m a freshly cut clone. With tender care, lots of water, and plenty of protection. 
  30. I release any shame or stigma over using cannabis. 
  31. I water myself from the bottom up to grow deep roots like a strong mother plant. 
  32. If my day starts with a wake and bake, it has to be a good day. 
  33. I feel safe and secure at every sesh. 
  34. I know my limits with cannabis. 
  35. I love the many roles cannabis plays in my life. For health and for fun. 
  36. I do not recieve shame from others about when or how I use cannabis. 
  37. Cannabis helps me find peace (but is not my sole source of peace). 
  38. I make healthy choices when it comes to weed. 
  39. I treat myself like I’m my kindest, best bud.
  40. My mind, body and spirit are my top priority. Cannabis aids with each. 
  41. I am excited for all the weed I will consume today. 
  42. I use strains that help me experience life fully. 
  43. I smoke my weed and mind my business. 
  44. I am proud of finding balance with my cannabis use. 
  45. Being a stoner has taught me that I can problem solve, build new things, and give old things new life. 
  46. I am worthy of being hydrated, high, and happy. 
  47. Happiness is a journey, not a destination, and cannabis keeps it smooth sailing. 
  48. I am grateful for how cannabis expands my creative ability. 
  49. Cannabis can help me achieve my goals when I use it intentionally. 
  50. I love the way cannabis makes me feel about myself.

Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

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