Gift Guide for a Colorado Obsessed Stoner

It might be too late for a Christmas Day delivery but it’s not too late to send some Colorado themed cheer to your favorite mountain-loving and cannabis smoking patron of locally made goods. 

I too have become a patron of locally crafted food, clothing, accessories, and decor since the start of the pandemic. So I have curated a list of perfectly easy, sure to please gift ideas from local makers from around Colorado. Including some of my favorite sweet treats from right here in Colorado Springs. 

Let’s get into it. 

Wooden Colorado Christmas Ornament


This handcrafted wooden Colorado ornament is an excellent stocking stuffer.

Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm


I am personally obsessed with this product. I have one jar on my desk and one on my coffee table. I am determined not to have cracked hands this year. Obviously, it’s not vegan friendly but it is environmentally friendly in that it uses material that would otherwise be trashed (and it’s not easy trash to dispose of being tallow). 

Colorado Charc Board


For anyone who’s a foodie and/or loves cheese a lot (who doesn’t?).

Colorado Tote Bag


I mean this is the most obviously colorado stoner product on this whole list. How could I not include it? Additionally, it’s available at one of my favorite stores here in Colorado Springs. 

Sasquatch Cookies


These cookies are hyper-local to me but the wonderful thing about it is that they ship nationwide! 

Colorado Blown Glass


Did you know that Denver decriminalized mushrooms? I bet your stoner Colorado loving friend does. 

Peak Profile Poster


I absolutely adore this poster. It’s so subtle and simple. 

Mini Face Care Set


I haven’t personally used the items in this set but I have used their super yummy smelling hand sanitizer spray. 10/10 

Mountain Cuff Bracelet


Love the simplicity of these cuff bracelets. 

Colorado Springs Map Flask


I’m not much of a drinker these days but I might pick up one of these flasks just to carry some water around.

Bon Bon Bombardier Sweets


Obsessed with Bon Bon Bombardier chocolate bars is an understatement. I love the pine salt chocolate bars so much. THey’re currently not shipping any out of state orders but if you can hold out until January 2021 and don’t mind late gifts, set a reminder. Oh and they’re here in Colorado Springs as well (you have one more day for local delivery before Christmas or you can check out the limited selection at Eclectic Co. downtown).  

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