Gift Guide for Your Chic Stoner Auntie

December 3, 2018

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Jingle bells, Batman smells, your aunt is fucking high. She was going to write a song but her pipe is still outside.

So go get it for her will you? With the holidays approaching, I thought it would be prudent to share some great ideas for gifts for your favorite stoner. Today I've got 5 awesome gifts perfect for that fashionable, stylish, chic cannabis user in your life. The one who kind of flies under the stoner radar (until you check out their instagram account). 

Limited Edition Stash Jar and Ash Tray Set

Every adult stoner needs a cool stash jar. For some, an empty candle jar will do, for others, it's classy custom pieces all the way and Fashionably High has you covered with gorgeous pieces for your tray.

Origins Hello Calm Hydrating Face Mask

Winter means dry skin for a lot of us thanks to the cold air and harsh temps. Your cool aunt will love this mask meant to calm and nourish. Bonus it's made with cannabis oil and smells amazing.

Milk Makeup Roll Blot Papers

This is a fabulous 2 for 1 product great for the boss lady on the go and wants to carry as little as needed. 

Erbanna Smell Proof Bag

Erbanna makes the most beautiful stash bags that you can carry day and night without making every white guy with dreads call out after you, "dude... did you smell that? hehehehehe."

Kandy Pens Donut Vaporizer

Look, if you don't have a concentrates vaporizer at this point can you even call yourself a cool stoner? Yes, you can, but you're totally missing out. Kandy Pens carries several kinds of vaporizers designed to fit your lifestyle. This donut style is perfect for stoners who want both a great hit and stealthy style. 

Disclosure: None of the companies or products mentioned are paying me for any of my gift guides this season. They were curated by me based on either my experience with the product or similar products. 

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