Gift Guide for Your Fit Stoner Friend

Dashing through the snow

in a brand new pair of shoes,

the fitness stoner

goes running this afternoon.

The thirst is very strong

for a freshly packed up bong

but first it’s time to sweat it out

I cannot finish this song.

Today’s gift guide is for the fit stoners in your life. As they “bravely” defy cannabis stigma by using the plant to enhance their active lifestyles.

Stigma Sportsbra

I’ve already sung the praises of this bra here. It’s incredibly comfortable and sexy too. Don’t forget to snag that discount code above.

F*CK Stereotypes Tank

The fit stoner in your life goes against all the stereotypes a less educated person might think about cannabis users. They should sing it loud and proud with this great workout tank from Stigma Activewear. Don’t forget to use code JUSTHIGHLO at checkout for a nice little discount.


Cottonmouth or not, fitness enthusiasts always need a nice cool drink of water. With the Hydroflask, it’ll stay cold longer than it’ll last.

Vegan Stoner Cookbook

Whether or not your #fitstoner friend is a vegan, this cook book is full of yummy nutritious snacks that will help curb the munchies without feeling like a glutton. Some are so good you’ll still feel like a glutton but it will definitely be worth it.

Ice Pipe Mold

Usually, folks who are into making fitness are also kind of sweaty sometimes. Give them a fun way to chill out and cool off with these ice pipe molds.

Disclosure: although there is a discount code listed at the top of this post, none of the products listed here are paid endorsements. The discount code is just a nice discount for you because I truly love these products.

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