Lickit Lollipops Review

Edibles are my favorite way to consume cannabis. They’re discreet, easy to use, and if dosed correctly, can set you up for a fantastic and productive day. I love taking 10-20mg before a long writing session. It gives me just enough focus to stay on task and opens up the creativity flow a bit so I can really get things done.

One block I have with writing is that I am dyslexic and also a perfectionist so every typo I make I’m backspacing to correct, or correcting as I go, rather than just letting it all flow out and running it through Grammarly when I’m finished. Which would be a more time effective workflow. When I’ve given myself a little slap of the edible thc, however, I find those typos are much easier to ignore and move past so I can write more.

This is important to me as someone who truly loves optimizing my time and “working smarter not harder”. With THC I can write about 500 words every half hour; without I’m writing at about half that rate. My focus just isn’t there and I’m distracted, as I mentioned, by all the careless dyslexic typos I make.

So a few weeks ago when I saw Canyon Cultivation’s Lickit Lollipops, I knew it was going to be perfect for my late night writing sessions (background/side note: nearly all of the articles on this site were written between the hours of 7 pm and midnight, and it’s not because I’m a mom or am super busy, that is just when I feel most creative).

The Green Solution has only carried two flavors each time I’ve purchased: Boysenberry and Strawberry Lemonade. Boysenberry is your typical “blue” flavored candy. Sweet, a bit tart, but all good. Strawberry Lemonade is coated in a sour patch kid type of flavor that will make your tongue pucker and mouth water. It was a little hard to get through the sourness, but once I did it was pretty close to an actual strawberry lemonade flavor.

One thing that really struck me with these lollipops was the size. It’s about the same size as any lollipop. Like the ones that come in a strip of clear cellophane. Perfect size. This sets it apart from a lot of other edibles I’ve tried. Most of the 10mg edibles I’ve seen look like a sample sized cut of pastry you’d get at Costco or the grocery store. Which makes them kind of a letdown. Cue Little Mermaid: * I WANT MORE*.

These being an appropriate, expected size make them just perfect for anyone. New and experienced users alike.

As for the effects, wow. First of all, for only 10mg, it consistently surprises me with how effective it is. I don’t feel super when I’ve taken one, I can describe it like what it feels like when you smoke for the first time during the day. However, I consistently do something careless when I’m in the midst of it. For example, about two hours after eating one last week, it was time to take my dogs out to pee one last time before bed. My husband handed me a leash. I waited while he hooked up a leash to one dog, “mine” was in the kitchen, still finishing his dinner. As soon as both dogs were at the door, I unlocked it and we all headed outside. It wasn’t until the leash clip swung with too much force from behind me before hitting my dog in the ass did I realize I forgot to clip it to him. Luckily, he stops right at the grass at the bottom of the stairs so he was easy to wrangle.

As someone who takes a lot of edibles and uses tinctures, this effect of the lollipop was surprising. Especially since it’s such a small dose. This is also why I tend to keep them to nighttime use when I know I am not going to use the stove or leave my home again for the evening. I don’t think I’d burn the place down, but I do fear to make careless mistakes. There are a lot of ways not latching the leash to the dog could translate to making a mistake in the kitchen that, at a minimum, could be costly to fix.

The main draw is that I’m so much more focused when it comes time to writing articles and ebooks for myself and clients. Sitting down and writing for 3 or 4 hours straight is an easy feat, and I can do it night after night with Lickit Lollipops. I’m curious if its effectiveness has something to do with the amount of time it takes to get the full 10mg in you if you’re actually licking or sucking the lollipop versus a chocolate or brownie. That’d be a fun research study for an actual scientist to do, and I’d love to volunteer as a participant. If anyone is out there listening.

Bottom Line

I think these are fantastic little edibles. They’re great for experienced users and for those who are new to edibles altogether. I gave one to a family member who generally doesn’t use cannabis and they loved the effects (but it did make them a little sleepy). I wouldn’t recommend trying them for the first time when you have something to do, particularly if you don’t take edibles typically. It’s great if you want to have some focused creative time, or just want to lay on your couch and cuddle your pet.

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