April 22, 2019

#LunchWithLo Episode 4: Using Up Leftover Infused Butter


If you've ever ended up with a small amount of leftover infused butter, you may have struggled to find a good use for it. Have no fear, friends, because I've got a tasty, quick recipe for you to use it all up: candied nuts.

Just melt together an equal part of butter and brown sugar (1 to 2 tablespoons of each per cup of nuts) into a smooth syrup and then toss with a cup of your favorite nuts and lay them out to cool on some parchment paper.

Candied nuts make a great snack on their own, but I also love using them on top of a salad or baked goodies.

Watch the full video on YouTube for now. The Weed Tube is coming. They're working on their new app and it seems some of the features are not fully functioning yet.

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*By censored, I mean I block out all images of cannabis and smoking because the social media gods don't like it apparently. I'm not going to build up a community just to have Google/Youtube or Instagram delete it. There will be enough in there for you to put two and two together, but the full uncensored videos will only be on The Weed Tube. 

Lunch with Lo on The Weed Tube

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