The Do’s and Don’ts of Attending a Comedy Show

My first date with my husband was seeing Bill Burr at Comedy Works in Denver. Both of us are kind of obsessed with stand-up. It’s our thing. There are few comedians we don’t enjoy. Together, we’ve seen some incredible acts. Legends like Dave Chappelle and Dave Attell. And nearly every funny woman who’s come through Comedy Works: Chelsea Peretti, Christina P, Ali Wong, Nicole Byer, Fortune Feimster. I’ve never left a show with a bad thought of the comedians who gifted us with their talent.

What can, and has, ruined a show are other members of the audience. In this article, I’m going to share some tips for newbies heading to their very first comedy show.


Yell at the comedian

You’ll never be as funny and you’re setting yourself up to look like an asshole and a fool. The entire room will laugh at you and think you’re an asshole and a fool. Your friends and family will make fun of you for the foreseeable future, if they continue associating with you at all. And on top of all that, you’ll probably get kicked out too.

Use your phone during the show, for any reason

Receiving a call? Go outside. Feel the need to record because #picsoritdidnthappen? Go fuck yourself. Really. I mean it. Just go fuck yourself. When you see a comedian perform, what you’re watching is art in progress. It’s one of the few art forms that requires an audience while you work it out. If you saw the first draft of Starry Night you’d probably think “it has potential” like some smug asshole. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, a comedian will show you a first or rough draft of a joke, please respect that by not recording the process. Take your picture outside of the venue if you really need all your instagram followers to know you saw your favorite comedian.

Disrespect the staff of the establishment

I mean, if you want to get kicked out, I suppose it’s worth a shot to completely shit all over the folks who are going to be bringing you your drinks all night. They’re probably funnier than you too.

Sit in the front and leave early

This is the ultimate asshole move. I mean leaving is probably better than sitting up front with a pout on your face, but you’ll probably get called out by the comedian if your whole party leaves in the middle of the show. Don’t be that person. If you think you might not enjoy the act, sit in the back. Most clubs are small enough that even the back of the room is still pretty close to the action.


Laugh as loud as you want

I mean, sure, I’ve heard some pretty ridiculous laughter, my own included, but it’s never as offensive as someone thinking they’re worthy of heckling the headliner. Everyone is there to laugh, so let it out, my friend.

Speak when spoken to

Although I’ve mentioned multiple times that you shouldn’t speak or yell or make any noise other than laughter at a comedy show, if the act is looking for audience participation, go ahead and participate you little extrovert. Add post content

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