Tips for a Cannabis Friendly Summer Party

With Memorial Day and Juneteenth behind us, and July 4th and Labor Day just a lick away, I thought I’d share some of my tips for having a cannabis-friendly summer party. Maybe you’re a seasoned smoker, maybe you just want your stoner friends comfortable at you outdoor shindig, either way, I hope you learn something fun and I help you have a fun, safe, cannabis-friendly event.

Designate a Safe Space for Consumption

If everyone who is coming to your cookout or party is over the age of 21 and is a cannabis user or doesn’t mind to be around cannabis, you can just go about your merry way.

However, if your party is like most, the crowd will probably be kind of mixed. Maybe you or some of your friends have kids who will be in attendance. Maybe your great aunt is coming and doesn’t like being around any kind of smoke. Maybe some of your smoking friends prefer to smoke away from the non-smokers so as not to be rude. Maybe they feel uncomfortable smoking in front of your children even though you don’t.

That’s why it’s so important to create a space for consumption. Maybe it’s in your garage, while the party happens in your backyard. Maybe it’s a nice cool room in your dwelling. Maybe you set up a little tent with snacks and seating just for the adults. Hang a sign, “NO KIDS.” Here’s a free sign you can print and hang up (pictured below). 

Be Prepared

If you’re trying to be a thoughtful, attentive host without having to run around throughout your party, please follow these instructions.

Buy two packs of lighters. Leave one out and open in the adult section. Hide the second one somewhere nearby (maybe in a bag under your snack table) for later on when people pocket the first pack.

Clean your glassware and grinder. Or, if you’re totally new to cannabis/just trying to make your smoking friends comfortable, head to your local smoke shop and pick up a pipe. If you’re in Colorado Springs, I can’t recommend Freaky’s enough. While you’re there, pick up some papers, too.

Set all of your smoking goodies out on a tray in the adult section. Don’t forget an ashtray or ash receptacle of some kind. Label it if it’s atypical.

Make sure the cannabis-friendly area has comfortable seating. Prep a cooler with ice and cold drinks. And don’t forget the snacks.

Keep it simple with individually wrapped snacks (like small bags of chips, or crackers), low maintenance finger foods, and snacks like nuts.

Making Non-Smoking Guests Feel Comfortable

Even though cannabis might be legal in your state, many still have strong feelings about that. If you’re worried that having a cannabis-friendly event might make some guests feel uncomfortable (or combative), I’ve got a few tips for that too.

First, let everyone know up front. When you send your invites, include a note that says, “This party is cannabis friendly. Come to check out our new canna-lounge.” Or something like, “Smoking allowed in the designated section”. Or maybe something less dorky or clinical. You can figure it out.

Second, you should probably have some idea of who might have an issue with it. Speak to them directly and let them know you understand if they don’t want to participate and you won’t hold it against them.

“Hey Joe, I know you have strong feelings about cannabis legalization but I do have a lot of friends who’d like to unwind at the BBQ on Saturday with some cannabis. There will be a separate smoking section, but if that makes you uncomfortable, I respect your choice to not attend.”

Finally, enjoy. If you’ve never smoked before, I can’t recommend a better first time than when you’re full of delicious, perfectly grilled food, various cold salads, and a couple of beers, surrounded by people you really like.

Extra Touches

If you or your attendees are experienced cannabis users, and you can afford it, I have to suggest that you treat yo’self, and everyone else to some delicious dessert edibles.

Popsicles like this one from The Green Solution are perfect to serve at the end of a hot summer day. And dosed at just the right amount to get the head high of having smoked a bowl first thing in the morning. Just make sure to keep them in a freezer and out of sight of small hands. I usually wrap my goods in a plastic grocery bag and shove it high in the freezer.

If you’re thinking a little more classy and adult, these truffles, also from The Green Solution, are delightful. Chill them in the fridge for a few hours (or overnight) and serve just as it starts to get dark.

I will update this as I continue to party my way through the summer. Feel free to let me know what I missed in the comments or by sending me an email.

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