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Infusions 101

New to edibles and infusions?

Do you love edibles and want to start infusing food on your own at home? This is the place to start. These introductory infusion articles will take you through your first batch of cannabis-infused butter and oils.

Level Up Your Skills

Desserts, dinners & more

Once you’ve got a handle on the basics, it’s time to level up your game. Here you’ll find all of my best cannabis-infused recipes. From mocktails to peanut butter, you’ll find something new to infuse or find inspiration for your own unique infused recipes.

Do I need that?

honest product reviews

Honest and unpaid reviews about some of my favorite cooking products, books, infusion tools, and smoking accessories. Although you may find some affiliate links, I refuse to review products for compensation.

About the Author

A former picky eater turned celebrated* home chef, Lauren O, or “LO” as she’s known on the socials, created this blog to help others become better at making edibles at home. After becoming frustrated by a lack of non-candy options at the dispensary and the plug, she focused on infusing real food. But sometimes still desserts and candy too. 

Ultimately, this website, and YouTube channel, are a culmination of over three decades of hobby and skill-building. It’s the crescendo of all my interests crashing into one somewhat cohesive, albeit sporadically updated, piece of online real estate. 

*By friends, family, and neighbors

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