Gift Guide for Cannanerds

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but this DND is keeping my eyes full, and since there’s no place to go, let the dice roll let it roll let it roll. 

Today’s #stonergiftguide is for the nerdy stoners you know and love. This is a hard and very specific type of person to shop for and it was very apparent that there’s not a whole lot of crossover between a traditional nerd and the stoner community. Which was an honest a surprise since I know A LOT of nerdy stoners. 

iLight Dual Arc Lighter

I’m sure you’ve seen cigarette lighters like this but I bet you’ve not seen on meant for lighting bowls and bongs. This little sucker is battery powered and rechargeable. Not to mention windproof! Also, it sounds like a lightsaber when you turn it on. For a limited time, these are 30% off grab one now!

THC Molecule Poster/Print

Diagrams of molecules are aesthetically pleasing and this THC poster is no exception. It’s a subtle yet very clear sign you’re a stoner nerd. 

Say Perhaps to Drugs Teeshirt

Hey, some drugs are fun. Like cannabis, for example. 

Magnetic Cannabis Poetry

As a full-blown, but still fairly young, adult, I once had a set of children’s letter magnets on my fridge with which I would write out gross messages to my roommate and my boyfriend. These magnets would have really upped my game. 

Pot Head Plates

I’m always down for a good pun (see the tattoo on the back of my neck) and these plates take the cake (they’ll also hold your cake). I don’t know who the man is in the center, so it’s probably someone problematic and for that, I apologize but I love the concept. 

Disclosure: I have not been compensated for any of these recommendations I just genuinely love them. 

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