Gift Guide for an Activist Stoner

I don’t have a silly parody today for you. But I do have a few gift ideas for your stoner friends who are vocal about injustice and inequality. They’re probably a little harder to shop for because they probably object materialism, capitalism, and are actively boycotting multiple companies and organizations.

Kind of hard to shop for these dedicated activists. Thankfully I’m here, and I’ve got some ideas on how to treat them right this holiday season.

WOMENWEEDWIFI Glitter Stunna Camo Jacket

WOMENWEEDWIFI is a collective of women artists of color who work to educate others on the benefits of cannabis and create space for woc in the legal cannabis industry. In addition to being an all-around badass group of women, they also create and sell clothing and accessories that are bound to become statement pieces in any closet.

Something Local, Reclaimed, Recycled, or Handmade, and Useful

Local handmade goods and vintage finds are sure to be a hit with your socially conscious stoner friends. Handmade soaps, candles, jewelry, and clothing are hidden all over your town in local shops. If you’re in Colorado Springs, might I suggest checking out Eclectic Co. and Pike’s Peak Market, both spots are full of beautifully curated locally made goods that are sure to delight.

Grow Bags

There’s a pretty good chance that a socially conscious person might be living in a smaller space (it’s good for the environment!). They might also love to fill their patio or other sunny outdoor spaces with potted plants. Or perhaps they grow cannabis. These grow bags are great because when the season changes and your pots are empty, they can be cleaned, dried, and folded away for storage until next spring.

Make a donation on their behalf

If physical possessions aren’t really their thing, consider making a donation on their behalf to an organization that supports something your woke stoner friend believes in. If they’re truly “woke”, they’re probably well aware of and care about, the racial disparity in who controls legal cannabis and who are serving prison sentences for cannabis. Here are a few organizations working to change that, and would be a great place to make donations in your friend’s name:

Disclosure: Once again, I was not compensated for this post or to discuss any of the companies or products listed above. 

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