Gift Guide for a Travel-Loving Stoner

I know LAX just made headlines with their new cannabis policy (you can take it with you), but in my experience, that’s been the case at a lot of airports in the United States…if you’re not a total jackass and agents aren’t profiling you because of your skin color.

The big thing is to hide it in plain sight. Like when I was still smoking cigarettes and slipped a couple of painstakingly rolled joints into an open pack. Or slipping a small glass container with a gram or two of wax into my cosmetics bag. Edibles are also easy to take on a trip, for obvious reasons.

The following products are great for maintaining discretion while you’re on the road. They also make excellent gifts for your travel-loving stoner friends.

Smell Proof Backpack

This backpack makes an excellent carry-on and it’s carbon lining helps keep all the smells in. Whether it’s a few grams of some dank ass shit or a stinky sub your mom wouldn’t let you leave home without it’s contained.

K-Stick Supreme Concentrates Vaporizer

I really don’t like to fly with flower. I try to not check bags and stick to a carry on so while space is an issue, the odor can be a little strong and red-flaggy. I love bringing wax, however, and a small pen like this one slips away easily with the rest of my vape stuff.

Maple Dugout Kit

Dugouts are great for day trips and hiking. They’re small enough for your pocket and have a spot for everything you’d need for a quick smoke break. You can get one at almost every smoke shop and questionable convenience store. However, if you’re ready for a stylish adult looking upgrade, go with this gorgeous maple wood kit.

Smoke Buddy Junior

Technically you can do this with a toilet paper roll and a dryer sheet, but if you want something less wasteful or you’re still hiding your cannabis use from your parents this holiday season, this smoke buddy will do the trick.

Smelly Proof Bags

I don’t know if these are actually more smell proof than a freezer bag, but I applaud the creativity in their name and packaging.

Burn Bud Multi-Tool

A lighter holder, grinder, bottle opener, wick holder, bud dispenser, poker, and container all in one. If there’s a swiss army knife for stoners, this would be it.

Pax 3 Bundle

This little bundle from 420 Science is perfect for a traveling stoner.

Roll Uh Bowl Collapsible Bong

Personally, I wouldn’t travel with something like this because it’s going to be a pain to clean for the trip home, but it’s great for a weekend away or for clumsy folks who maybe you can’t trust with glass.

Jane West Collection The Tube

The perfect classy dube tube to carry your joints and one-hitters in style, while protecting them. Also, this would look completely innocuous in your cosmetics bag, just saying.

Wax Wallet

If you don’t have a silicone wax container already, get out there and get yourself one. For real. I was using the glass containers that The Green Solution packs their wax into for sale and then I got a silicone one and realized how much wax we were probably wasting. These little wallets are great for everyday use anyway, but I found them particularly alluring as they look a lot like the other things in my cosmetics bag.

Odor Eliminating Spray

I don’t know if this particular product smells good. But a small odor eliminating/room refreshing spray isn’t a terrible idea to pack, especially if you’re staying in a hotel with a no smoking policy (if you’re going to break the rules at least be thoughtful about it, right?).

Disclosure: Once again, this post was not sponsored nor endorsed by any of the companies/products mentioned above. They’re just cool and helpful products.

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