Holiday Cards for Stoners

I have a love/hate relationship with greeting cards. I love getting them in the mail but tbh, as soon as I open it I think, how soon is too soon to toss this? I digitize them before tossing, I’m not made of ice (more like slush). I also display them on an old whiteboard rigged with wire and binder clips until they’re visibly out of season. However, I will continue to send them as often as I remember because they’re incredibly thoughtful and nice and who doesn’t like getting some good old fashioned snail mail (or hand delivered card)?

While I’ve covered tons of potential gift options for your consistently stoned friends and family, cannabis-themed holiday cards are a little harder to come by. I didn’t let that stop me from bringing you some appropriate holiday ready canna-cards to top your gifts off with.

Let’s Get Baked!

Say no more! 

Let’s Get High Under the Mistletoe

Kushcards cannot be mailed with the goodies for which it is made to fit (unless you’re in Canada, I suppose). But it does make a nice treat for your local friends and family.

Roll With It

KushKards didn’t leave out your Jewish friends either (even though it’s a little too late for this year). Although I can’t imagine anyone complaining you gave them a joint a little bit late. 

Let’s Blaze for the Holidaze

Blazing for the holidays is probably your stoner friend’s plans already. 

Stoned Christmas Card Pack

When you’ve got a bunch of stoner friends (or you are the stoner friend), this pack from Tribe Tokes is perfect. It comes with 3 designs and 12 cards and envelopes. Better stock up on the stamps. 

Disclosure: Once again, I was not compensated for sharing any of these products or companies. I am just sharing because they’re cool and relevant. 

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