My CBD Experiment

As you can probably deduce from the title of this article, I finally tried CBD for the first time ever. Before I get into my “experiment” and the results, I want to say that this will not be a scientific article by any means. It will be entirely full of anecdotes and how the different CBD products I used helped me out in my specific case. I also do not take any prescription medications on a regular basis. I recommend that you talk to a real doctor or do some actual research before you start taking anything new especially if you’re already taking any other medications.

Here are some resources to get you started:

What I Hoped to Relieve with CBD

I was kind of familiar with the supposed benefits of CBD, but I honestly didn’t have high expectations of relief. As it stands, I can take like 60 mg of thc edibles and literally feel nothing, so I was expecting kind of the same with CBD. All bodies are different, after all.

I have been looking for something to help relieve pain from the gym and my scoliosis (which causes all kind of pain/tight muscles in my back). I am also looking for something to treat some minor anxiety (especially in the car). I knew that many people have found relief for both of these things with CBD products, and since cannabis is already part of my routine, it made sense to try it out.

In the past, I had tried a CBD dominant flower strain from The Green Solution called Rubicon, but because I was expecting to get high (because of the method of consumption) it ended up being a little frustrating like a never-ending dry hump. Fun but ultimately not how I wanted to finish.

Products I used

Since I am a very loyal The Green Solution customer, I picked up every CBD product they carried (sans flower, obviously). There was a tincture, a lollipop, and a dissolvable, tasteless powder for drinks.

Their natural CBD tincture (natural refers to the flavor), was my first try. It was the obvious choice since their other tinctures have become a staple for me. I actually broke it open and tried it before we headed home because it’s a 60-mile drive there (long story), and I am an awful, anxious passenger. It’s a 10:1 CBD: thc mixture made of oil and contains 100mg of CBD total in the bottle. You can take it sublingually (under the tongue) or add it to drinks or food. I’d recommend coffee, or mixed into a salad dressing.

The next product I tried was Ripple’s dissolvable THC. It looked like it’d be perfect for post gym tightness. It comes in a container with 10 little packets. You can add it right to your water and it adds no taste or calories (although it will leave it a tad cloudy looking). It’s a 1:1 mixture with 5mg each of thc and CBD per packet.

Finally, since I’m such a huge fan of Canyon Cultivation’s Lickit Lollipops, I scooped up 4 of their new CBD lollipops made exclusively for The Green Solution. They’re sour apple flavored (and super sour on the outside). These are also a 1:1 ratio with 5mg of CBD and THC each.

The Results of Using CBD to Treat Anxiety and Muscle/Back Pain

My expectation of having no effect at all was way off base. I found a lot of relief from using CBD.

I had a rough couple of weeks at the end of July and early August and I was happy to have CBD to get me through those stressful days. I also found relief when riding in the car. The anxiety was definitely dampened and more manageable. I think that it was also a relief for my husband as my stress has to increase his stress and then it’s just a vicious cycle of anxiety feeding off each other until we get home.

The biggest surprise was that it helped my back pain so much. I had a spasming muscle under my shoulder blade that was one wrong move from keeping me immobile for a few days. I took some of the tincture and, after some time passed, I realized the pain had dissipated.

My biggest complaint is availability. Since I started using these products, most have remained out of stock in the last several trips to the dispensary. So I’ll be on the lookout for alternatives until I can stock up on tinctures and dissolvables.

Have you tried CBD before? I’d love to hear what your experiences have been. Leave a comment below and let me know. Or contact me here.

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