Stigma Activewear Limited Run Sports Bra Review

I love a good independent brand. So earlier this year when I stumbled upon Stigma Activewear, I literally couldn’t wait to lose enough weight to justify buying new workout gear. It’s hard to run when your leggings are exposing your very sweaty undies to the rest of the fitness center. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors.

Since then, I’ve been pretty dedicated to their brand (they even made me a brand ambassador). So it’ll come as no surprise to you that when they launched the pre-order for their new, limited run sports bra, I had to snap it up.

Stigma Activewear Limited Run Sports Bra photo by Lo Oliver

First Impressions

It felt like I waited forever for that shipping notification so I was practically salivating by the time I got it. It looked so pretty online. Upon opening the package, I felt a little deflated. The material and construction are incredible, but I felt a little self conscious at the padding and all the mesh. It had a lot more padding than I was expecting.

I also was concerned that it was going to actually hold my breasts in place. It doesn’t feel like it’s going to be snug because it’s got a bit of a loose stretch to it.

My final concern set in a little late, and it probably should have been something I thought about before buying it. The zipper on the back, and it’s necessity, means that there will be some days I won’t be able to put this on or take it off without help. My shoulders and arms are not that flexible some days. Luckily, my partner is usually home to help but it is something I have to keep in mind.

Thoughts After Several Wears and A Wash

Like all of Stigma’s stuff that I own, this bra washes up beautifully. But I recommend following the instructions and using a lingerie bag.

Stigma Activewear Limited Run Sports Bra photo by Lo OliverStigma Activewear Limited Run Sports Bra photo by Lo Oliver

Also like all of my other Stigma gear, it’s incredibly comfortable. Jesus it’s so comfortable. The sports bras I’ve been wearing are utter garbage in comparison. The material wicks away sweat. The mesh provides you with a nice cool breeze, even under another shirt (I usually wear mine underneath my Stigma side cut tanks when I’m at the gym).

It moves with you and doesn’t ride up or chafe. The material is so super soft. I just kind of want to wear it all the time. The padding makes a minor difference in your chest size, but I didn’t find it to be as bothersome as it looked like it would be. I have not tried it without the padding, because I feel it gives additional support that I want especially on the treadmill. Basically, it feels like you’re being gently held and supported without feeling like you’re being strangled or you’re going to lose an eye. 

I did find it to be easier to take off and zip up than I initially thought, but there have been a couple times that I needed help unzipping it. So it’s not for you if you have stiff shoulders for whatever reason and you won’t have consistent help around to get it off.

Finally, since I am a brand ambassador for Stigma, you can get 20% off your purchase with my code JUSTHIGHLO. I do not get compensated for your purchase, it’s just a discount for you. That’s how much I love their clothing.

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