Why I Use Cannabis Edibles

I have been a regular edible user for over a decade. Some weeks I use edibles every single day. Then there are stretches of weeks or months when I won’t touch them. I’m an intuitive cannabis user for the most part (although I’m working on finding out if there are patterns to that, more on that experiment is coming in the next few months. 

And while I’ve posted dozens of recipes and various methods for infusions, I don’t think I’ve delved into my reasons for using cannabis. So today, I’m going to do precisely that. 

As a sleep aid

Using cannabis-infused foods and beverages to aid sleep is probably one of the more common reasons to use edibles. However, I think a lot of people find any cannabis consumption can make them a little sleepy.

 The number one reason most of us use edibles is as a relaxation or sleep aid. How edibles affect me depends entirely on the activity I’m participating in while imbibing. Infused foods always do the trick if the goal is to sleep or chill. 


Edibles are incredibly discreet. They’re easy to take on the go without raising any eyebrows. Likewise, homemade treats are easy to travel with (stay away from liquids and creams). 

Instead of alcohol

I am not entirely alcohol-free, but there are many nights when I’d rather not take a sip. I can handle myself, but I can’t handle the hangovers. Sometimes just one drink will take me out for the next day. On the nights I hang with friends who want to drink, I can whip up something sophisticated and a little intoxicating. 

The effects last longer.

For those days that I know I’ll be away from a safe space to smoke for a little longer than I’d like, edibles are what I need. I know I can take edibles, and I’ll feel just great for hours versus the shorter (but maybe more initially intense) effects of smoking or vaping cannabis. 

More precise dose

Since I use a potency testing device, I always know exactly how much THC I consume with my homemade infusions. This precision allows me to dial my needed dose depending on my activities. For example, if I’m going to sleep, I might slap myself in the face with 50-100mg. If I’m looking to have some fun and replace alcohol, I might add 5-10mg at a time to each mocktail. Just a “walking around” dose? 25ish mg. I don’t have quite the same control with a joint (nor do I need it necessarily). 

Increase pain tolerance

I know many people use cannabis to help minimize pain, but I have not experienced pain relief from edibles or smoking. Edibles do allow me to tolerate pain at a greater level. I have high pain tolerance, but there are plenty of days when I’m pushed to my limit. I have scoliosis, which frequently leads me to stiff and spasming back, shoulder, and neck muscles. For me, ibuprofen does more to relieve the pain, but edibles help ease the burden of that pain. And that has been invaluable. Being able to bear it, for better or worse, has saved me the time I might have otherwise been in bed. 

For more fun, sexy times

Truly the most fun reason to use edibles is for more relaxed sex. Not to toot my horn or be too personal but I’m usually always dtf my husband. So we don’t usually need any additional aids to get things going. However, that’s not to say that adding them doesn’t make things more fun. On the contrary, edibles have frequently added a little extra oomph to the experience, making it more sensual, carefree, and amusing. 

So now I have to know: why do you use edibles? Leave a comment below or tweet at me.

Photo by Testeur de CBD on Unsplash

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