The Go-Getter’s Guide to Getting High

Are you a high achiever who wants to achieve the ultimate high? That is being one of those super duper #productivestoners you see all over the ‘gram. Whether you’re completely new to cannabis or you’re an occasional toker who wants to incorporate it more into your daily routine, this article has all of the tips to make sure you stay focused on your goals and moving forward.

This guide is for go-getters who want to make cannabis a part of that journey from concept to completion. Cannabis can help you tune into your body when you’re working towards a fitness goal. It can make boring, repetitive, but necessary tasks more bearable. It can make your creative flow more free.

But it can absolutely make you sleepy, slow, and sluggish if you’re not paying attention or using it in the wrong way for your body and mind.

Know Your Limits

Whether you’re new to cannabis or consider yourself a seasoned professional, it is important to know at what point you become uncomfortably high. And whether or not a wake and bake is going to completely throw your day off. If you’ve been smoking or vaping or edible-ing for a while, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of what your limits are.

If you’re a newbie, however, it would be prudent to use your free time to experiment. Keep notes on your phone in your preferred note taking app. I made a Siri shortcut to add an event to my calendar whenever I smoke. In the event description, I note the kind (indica, sativa, or hybrid, and the name). In the past, I’ve used a Google Form, which I created a shortcut for on my phone’s home screen. There are even notebooks made for recording the kinds of cannabis you consume.

I prefer keeping a time and kind record only because typically any cannabis I have consumed has little to do with my level of motivation for the day. That knowledge comes from years of smoking. However, you should track any and everything you think of so you know whether or not cannabis affects your productivity or mood.

Reframe Your High

It’s easy to think that smoking makes you lazy, but there are tons of high performing, highly productive stoners. There are enough of us that the stereotype of stoners should really be the opposite. If you’re worried that you’re going to be stuck on the couch after getting high, maybe don’t get high on the couch. Stand up and use a bong. Dance around while you enjoy a joint.

Switching up the scenery or even just your position can help reinvigorate you and ensure you don’t lose your whole day.

And then when you’re finished smoking, don’t go sit on your couch. Or your bed. Or any other comfy surface. Unless your plan for the day is to do just that (which I encourage and hope you have the privilege to be able to enjoy a day or two off every week). I know Steve Harvey says rich people don’t sleep but Maury says that’s a lie.

Stay Focused On Goal

Keep your eyes on the prize, my friend. Whatever your goal is, cannabis will make accomplishing it even better. From making otherwise mundane fitness training more bearable, to increasing focus on creative projects, cannabis is 100% a performance enhancer, in my opinion. As long as the focus remains on the end results or milestones.

Don’t forget to track your progress towards your goal alongside your cannabis consumption. Maybe you’ll find trends.

Make Microdosing Your Friend

Microdosing is kind of having a moment and for good reason. Small amounts of THC or CBD can help you take the edge off the day without dulling your response. You can microdose orally, through edibles (2-5mg doses), through vaping (usually a small e-cigarette type of device with disposable cartridges) or using a very small pipe (often called a one-hitter or bat).

One edible portion or a hit or two off of a vape or small pipe will be just enough to get the therapeutic effects without slowing you down.

Keep Moving

The best piece of advice I can give to a go-getter who is beginning to introduce cannabis into their routine is to keep moving. That’s why I’ve already suggested this tip earlier in this article. If you’re concerned you’re going to feel sluggish or lazy after smoking cannabis either don’t do it (save it for bedtime, there’s no shame in this!) or make sure you can remove all temptations to be lazy.

“An object in motion stays in motion,” right? Same goes for your cute, amazing body and mind.

Keep up the great work. You can do anything you put your mind too (but admittedly, some of your journeys will be more difficult than others so don’t compare your progress to others as best you can).

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