#LunchWithLo Episode 8: 3 Ways to Use Infused Olive Oil Without Cooking

This week’s episode is a shorty little snack sized episode (have you all caught on to the pattern yet?).

I’ve got three smart ideas for using up your infused olive oil (or any oil, but olive is preferable in at least two of these examples). First, bread dipping oil. I like using a finely grated parmesan, a drizzle of balsamic, and spices like salt, black pepper, oregano, and red pepper flakes.

Another way to use it up is to spin it up into some mayonnaise. Olive oil mayo makes a great base for creamy salad dressings and to brown up your bread for a gourmet grilled cheese.

Finally, make a simple vinaigrette. An equal part of olive oil and balsamic make an excellent dressing on any salad.

Now you don’t even have to watch my video. But you still should!

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