Gift Guide for a Colorado Obsessed Stoner

December 18, 2020

It might be too late for a Christmas Day delivery but it's not too late to send some Colorado themed cheer to your…

December 18, 2020

It might be too late for a Christmas Day delivery but it's not too late to send some Colorado themed cheer to your favorite mountain-loving and cannabis smoking patron of locally made goods. 

I too have become a patron of locally crafted food, clothing, accessories, and decor since the start of the pandemic. So I have curated a list of perfectly easy, sure to please gift ideas from local makers from around Colorado. Including some of my favorite sweet treats from right here in Colorado Springs. 

Let's get into it. 

Wooden Colorado Christmas Ornament


This handcrafted wooden Colorado ornament is an excellent stocking stuffer.

Vintage Tradition Tallow Balm


I am personally obsessed with this product. I have one jar on my desk and one on my coffee table. I am determined not to have cracked hands this year. Obviously, it's not vegan friendly but it is environmentally friendly in that it uses material that would otherwise be trashed (and it's not easy trash to dispose of being tallow). 

Colorado Charc Board


For anyone who's a foodie and/or loves cheese a lot (who doesn't?).

Colorado Tote Bag


I mean this is the most obviously colorado stoner product on this whole list. How could I not include it? Additionally, it's available at one of my favorite stores here in Colorado Springs. 

Sasquatch Cookies


These cookies are hyper-local to me but the wonderful thing about it is that they ship nationwide! 

Colorado Blown Glass


Did you know that Denver decriminalized mushrooms? I bet your stoner Colorado loving friend does. 

Peak Profile Poster


I absolutely adore this poster. It's so subtle and simple. 

Mini Face Care Set


I haven't personally used the items in this set but I have used their super yummy smelling hand sanitizer spray. 10/10 

Mountain Cuff Bracelet


Love the simplicity of these cuff bracelets. 

Colorado Springs Map Flask


I'm not much of a drinker these days but I might pick up one of these flasks just to carry some water around.

Bon Bon Bombardier Sweets


Obsessed with Bon Bon Bombardier chocolate bars is an understatement. I love the pine salt chocolate bars so much. THey're currently not shipping any out of state orders but if you can hold out until January 2021 and don't mind late gifts, set a reminder. Oh and they're here in Colorado Springs as well (you have one more day for local delivery before Christmas or you can check out the limited selection at Eclectic Co. downtown).  

October 9, 2020

I’ve been pretty lucky in that my family has gifted me a lot of cookware over the years. When my grandmother was still alive there wasn’t a Christmas or birthday that she didn’t give me something to fill my kitchen with. At the time I was barely an adult and would often look at what she’d given me thinking, “Wtf am I going to do with a roasting pan? You’re the one who makes the turkey, Grammy.” Of course, she knew she wouldn’t always make the turkey, and here I am a decade and a half later, still roasting in that same pan. 

However, not all of my favorite pieces have come as gifts or hand me downs. Many pieces I’ve bought over the years on my own and on a small budget. Today I’m going to share with you some tips on how to find the best deals on quality pieces. 

Thrift stores 

There are a lot of things I wouldn’t buy second hand. Underwear, hairbrushes, and back massagers come to mind specifically (I shudder to think about the person who buys any of those things second hand, if that’s you, please email me your cash app). Cookware is not on that list. 

Thrift stores are a treasure trove of quality cookware. Especially cast iron skillets and griddles. Not sure why these are always well-stocked but they are. 

And not only is the thrift store a great place to shop for secondhand kitchenware, but it’s also so affordable. You obviously don’t get the guarantee that what you need will be available, but it’s always worth taking a look there first. 

Find a local cookware store and check for closeouts and sidewalk sales

The local cookware shop in my city, Sparrowhawk Cookware, always has amazing sidewalk sales and deals. Sometimes there is some overstock they need to get rid of; sometimes they were just able to secure a great price on otherwise high ticket items (like earlier this summer when they were able to get special deals on Le Creuset pieces). 

Follow those local shops on social media and pay attention to when they might have sales. You may find a deal of a lifetime on an heirloom-quality piece of cookware. 

Seach restaurant wholesale stores

This is kind of my special secret but there are a few online restaurant suppliers that have great prices on cookware. On some of the less expensive items you can expect pieces that are a bit more utilitarian than stylish, but they do the job and it’s affordable enough that you don’t necessarily care if they get messed up, dinged, or broken. This is a great place to look if you’ve recently moved on your own and need to replace or build your cookware collection from scratch. I’ve used Webstaurant before but there are others out there. Just be sure to look out for the materials and keep in mind that aluminum is lightweight and also a little on the flimsy side. But it works. 

Check discount stores

My favorite discount stores are Kohls and Overstock. Overstock is a great first place to check especially if you’re looking for kitchen appliances. I purchased a Kitchenaid Professional Series standing mixer a few years ago for less than the price of the not professional one. It was still a splurge but it was like half the regular price. I use it all the time and it was worth every penny. 

Discount stores are all over a great place to shop for deals. Kohl’s has an awesome selection of smaller kitchen tools like whisks, spatulas, and knives. In my opinion, they tend to be of high quality and lower in price, just the way I like it. 

Homegoods, Christmas Tree Shop, and TJ Maxx are also great options to browse, but I also think you’re more likely to find lower quality items at all three of those stores, versus Kohl’s or Overstock. 

How to tell if it’s good quality

Some items, you’ll be able to tell just by looking at or holding it. But to be sure you’re instincts are up to snuff, I recommend going to a high-end store and just checking stuff out. Pick items up and inspect them. Make notes about the materials of the whisks; the weight; the size. Check how the handles are attached to the pots. 

With some of the lower quality items, you’ll notice that the pieces are smaller and more flimsy. Or that handles are looser or feel less sturdy. 

It’s best to just go looking for the expensive stuff in a store where you can get your hands on it so you can compare. You don’t really need to spend the kind of money they’re asking for if you can shop for kindly used second-hand or clearance items. 

February 5, 2019

I’m not going to lie and pretend that Valentine’s day is something I actually care about because I don’t. Like most holidays, it’s another day to me. I’m like a thousand times more excited for the day the community pool opens in the spring than I am about Valentine’s Day.

Yet, I’m not going to leave you high and dry this V-day. I have some fantastic ideas for a stoney valentine's day. Also, my winter holiday stoner gift guides were well received on Pinterest. I’m capitalizing on that. Yup. Shameless I know.

Without further ado, here’s some valentine’s day gift idea for your stoner sweetie.

Cannabis getaway

Photo by James Walsh on Unsplash

I always forget but there are several states with recreational cannabis dispensaries. There are not a ton but more than the first two (Colorado and Washington). Plus Canada. If you’re looking to go big for Valentine’s day, a cannabis tour is an excellent way to celebrate.

Engraved zippo or grinder

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

You can engrave any metal grinder at a local engraving shop. Buy a quality grinder at a local head shop; then, search Google for an engraver near you. If you go with a Zippo, there’s a service right on their website that allows you to order a custom engraved lighter. Easy, right? Stumped on what to engrave it with? A classic heart with initials is always a good choice and doesn’t ruin a tree.

A fancy dab rig/enail

Dabs are hot right now. A beautiful fancy dab rig and a gram of their favorite concentrate would make an excellent gift. I love these rigs at Or you could go big and digital with one of the Dr. Dabber Enail Rigs. Blast it right into the future.

A bouquet of flowers

Photo by Esteban Lopez on Unsplash

But not like a regular bouquet. A cool bouquet.

A bic lighter subscription

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I don’t know about you but I run out of lighters often. I’m great about hanging on to them but they only last about two weeks around here before we need a new one. Bic actually has a fantastic subscription service. You can set how many packs of five lighters you want at any interval you would need them. Subscribe them to this and every time they have a lighter (which will be always) they’ll think of you. Order your Bic lighters here.

Make an infused meal

Photo by Luiz Hansel on Unsplash

Believe it or not, you can make pretty much anything an edible. Not only desserts. If you start with a potent, infused butter or oil, you can whip up an entire dinner. I recommend doing some research to learn the ins and outs of creating an infused cooking oil or butter. I am working on my own infused recipes but I will say it’s very easy, you need some time, patience, and an open window or two. This recipe for cannabutter on leafly is a good start. You can replace the butter with vegetable oil but keep the temperature in mind when infusing. You do not want to fry the cannabis.

Gift basket full of their favorite stoner snacks

Photo by frankie cordoba on Unsplash

This one is fun and easy and great if you’re both crafty and on a tight budget. Stoner snacks are usually on the cheap side or easy to steal (kidding don’t do that, but if you do make it Walmart).

A fancy dapper wooden pipe or something like it

This pipe from Cedar and Finch looks like something Ron Swanson would be smoking out of and thus it deserves a place on this list for those masculine type stoners.

A heart-shaped crystal pipe

If the Lidl Wood Pip was for the masculine, this pretty heart-shaped crystal pipe is feminine opposite. And its heart shape on further proves it’s meant for your valentine.

Privy Peach CBD Lube

If you’re going to make it a sexy night anyway, you might as well splurge on some CBD infused personal lubricant. Privy Peach’s lube smells like chocolate, relieves tension and discomfort. Making for a relaxing, pleasurable experience.

An entire workout wardrobe from Stigma Activewear

If your partner is a stoner who likes fitness, you MUST fill their gym bag with some Stigma Activewear gear. I only wear their gear to the gym and it’s some of the most comfortable gym clothing I’ve ever worn. The pieces are all high quality and wash and wear well. Don’t forget to snag your 20% off discount with my code: JUSTHIGHLO

I guess it’s time to go shopping now, huh? Let me know what you’re doing for your stoney, red eyed lover in the comments. I won’t buy my man anything but I am considering sending myself a bouquet ses just to keep him on his toes.

Happy valentine’s day!

P.S. are you on the hunt for some yummy snacks to graze on after getting your blaze on? Download my recipe guide: Blaze and Graze, healthy stoner snacks. It’s free with your email subscription.

Main Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

December 13, 2018

I have a love/hate relationship with greeting cards. I love getting them in the mail but tbh, as soon as I open it I think, how soon is too soon to toss this? I digitize them before tossing, I’m not made of ice (more like slush). I also display them on an old whiteboard rigged with wire and binder clips until they’re visibly out of season. However, I will continue to send them as often as I remember because they’re incredibly thoughtful and nice and who doesn’t like getting some good old fashioned snail mail (or hand delivered card)?

While I’ve covered tons of potential gift options for your consistently stoned friends and family, cannabis-themed holiday cards are a little harder to come by. I didn’t let that stop me from bringing you some appropriate holiday ready canna-cards to top your gifts off with.

Let’s Get Baked!

Say no more! 

Let’s Get High Under the Mistletoe

Kushcards cannot be mailed with the goodies for which it is made to fit (unless you're in Canada, I suppose). But it does make a nice treat for your local friends and family.

Roll With It

KushKards didn't leave out your Jewish friends either (even though it's a little too late for this year). Although I can't imagine anyone complaining you gave them a joint a little bit late. 

Let’s Blaze for the Holidaze

Blazing for the holidays is probably your stoner friend's plans already. 

Stoned Christmas Card Pack

When you've got a bunch of stoner friends (or you are the stoner friend), this pack from Tribe Tokes is perfect. It comes with 3 designs and 12 cards and envelopes. Better stock up on the stamps. 

Disclosure: Once again, I was not compensated for sharing any of these products or companies. I am just sharing because they're cool and relevant. 

December 10, 2018

I know LAX just made headlines with their new cannabis policy (you can take it with you), but in my experience, that’s been the case at a lot of airports in the United States...if you’re not a total jackass and agents aren’t profiling you because of your skin color.

The big thing is to hide it in plain sight. Like when I was still smoking cigarettes and slipped a couple of painstakingly rolled joints into an open pack. Or slipping a small glass container with a gram or two of wax into my cosmetics bag. Edibles are also easy to take on a trip, for obvious reasons.

The following products are great for maintaining discretion while you’re on the road. They also make excellent gifts for your travel-loving stoner friends.

Smell Proof Backpack

This backpack makes an excellent carry-on and it’s carbon lining helps keep all the smells in. Whether it’s a few grams of some dank ass shit or a stinky sub your mom wouldn’t let you leave home without it’s contained.

K-Stick Supreme Concentrates Vaporizer

I really don’t like to fly with flower. I try to not check bags and stick to a carry on so while space is an issue, the odor can be a little strong and red-flaggy. I love bringing wax, however, and a small pen like this one slips away easily with the rest of my vape stuff.

Maple Dugout Kit

Dugouts are great for day trips and hiking. They’re small enough for your pocket and have a spot for everything you’d need for a quick smoke break. You can get one at almost every smoke shop and questionable convenience store. However, if you’re ready for a stylish adult looking upgrade, go with this gorgeous maple wood kit.

Smoke Buddy Junior

Technically you can do this with a toilet paper roll and a dryer sheet, but if you want something less wasteful or you’re still hiding your cannabis use from your parents this holiday season, this smoke buddy will do the trick.

Smelly Proof Bags

I don’t know if these are actually more smell proof than a freezer bag, but I applaud the creativity in their name and packaging.

Burn Bud Multi-Tool

A lighter holder, grinder, bottle opener, wick holder, bud dispenser, poker, and container all in one. If there’s a swiss army knife for stoners, this would be it.

Pax 3 Bundle

This little bundle from 420 Science is perfect for a traveling stoner.

Roll Uh Bowl Collapsible Bong

Personally, I wouldn’t travel with something like this because it’s going to be a pain to clean for the trip home, but it’s great for a weekend away or for clumsy folks who maybe you can’t trust with glass.

Jane West Collection The Tube

The perfect classy dube tube to carry your joints and one-hitters in style, while protecting them. Also, this would look completely innocuous in your cosmetics bag, just saying.

Wax Wallet

If you don’t have a silicone wax container already, get out there and get yourself one. For real. I was using the glass containers that The Green Solution packs their wax into for sale and then I got a silicone one and realized how much wax we were probably wasting. These little wallets are great for everyday use anyway, but I found them particularly alluring as they look a lot like the other things in my cosmetics bag.

Odor Eliminating Spray

I don’t know if this particular product smells good. But a small odor eliminating/room refreshing spray isn’t a terrible idea to pack, especially if you’re staying in a hotel with a no smoking policy (if you’re going to break the rules at least be thoughtful about it, right?).

Disclosure: Once again, this post was not sponsored nor endorsed by any of the companies/products mentioned above. They're just cool and helpful products.